At   Agri Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd., We challenge you to not just dream the dream but to make it a reality, and dream big.

We provide ultimate solutions to farmers under one roof from sowing seeds to selling in the market. Our main motto is to make the farmer digital and bridge the gap between field and market so that the farmer gets adequate profit and one of the major aspects is to keep young farmers from migration. We connect farmers directly with seed-producing companies, with markets, and with agriculture equipment-producing companies. We provide various other facilities such as Soil health cards, agronomic advice, Mandi updates, Free advanced farming Techniques, Net houses, poly houses,  Crop collection centers, Dairy projects, etc. Taking care of farmer’s financial constraints, we provide credit facilities too.

We are pleased to inform you of the new concept of agri-input Retail Outlets with the joint venture of our organization and the supplier companies of different agri-input quality products. Such an establishment aims to serve the farmer community by providing a complete solution of the input material that is required for good cultivation at a single outlet.

We are committed to fulfilling the requirement of any type of quality agri-input product to our Associate outlets so that you can run an outlet successfully, wherein you would be able to fulfill the requirements of the farmers. We are also committed to ensuring good return on investment as well as sound goodwill by providing the best quality products required by the farmers of your area.

Our organization will also assist you by conducting training and development programs from time to time to develop your business and to update you about the latest technology. You will also be supported for your business-related issues. Let’s go ahead, join your hands with us, and run a business. The zeal of this arises when we understand the pain of farmers that the farmers are not able to get the proper advantage of what they produce.

Farmers are our Ann Daataa (Food Providers), so we have to take care of them first. The Company wishes to work to uplift the status of our Ann DaaTaa (Farmers).